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📢 Spot Trade Signal: Luna Classic - LUNC

Crypto Analyst:  Ayewaken 

Buy Zone: .00004274 - .00005998
Stop Loss: .00003401
Target Prices:

.00015641 (Risk-to-Reward Ratio: 3.66),

.0002350 (Risk-to-Reward Ratio: 6.46

.00045 (Risk-to-Reward Ratio: 13.71)

📊 Signal Explanation:
The LUNC chart shows a continuation pattern to the downside, indicating a potential buying opportunity. The recommended buy zone is between .00004274 and .00005998. To manage risk, set a stop loss at .00003401 to limit potential losses.

🎯 Target prices for potential profit-taking are set at .00015641, .0002350, and .00045. The risk-to-reward ratios for each target price are as follows: 3.66, 6.46, and 13.71 respectively.

📉 Remember to adjust your trading strategy based on market conditions and conduct thorough analysis before executing the trade.



📊 Financial Summary: Luna Classic (LUNC) - 5-Day vs. 11-Day Chart 📈📉

5-Day Chart: The price of LUNC on the 5-day chart suggests a bear flag pattern, indicating a potential short-term price decline. Currently priced at .000091, caution is advised.

11-Day Chart: In the next 9 hours, the 11-day chart will print a new candle. To stay above the median line on the Gaussian channel, the price must cross .000098. Failure to surpass this level may result in a downward trend. In such a scenario, the next 11-33 days could see LUNC approaching the ultimate buy zone of .00004274-.00005998.

🔗 Traders looking to accumulate LUNC or memecoins can visit MEXC via this link:

Remember to conduct thorough analysis and consider market conditions before making any trading decisions.

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